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Day Trips


Take one of these impressive day trips from Kala Nera



The Meteora monasteries seem to be trying to reach for the sky. Twenty of them were build between 1400 and 1600 on the top of up to 300m high rock formations jumping out of the Thessalian plain. Nowadays, only seven of them are still inhabited, while six of them are open for the public to visit. You can reach them either by car, or – if you are more adventurous – by foot through narrow paths and stone engraved steps. The ascent however will be totally worth it, as besides the holy national treasures that you will be able to admire, you will also witness an incredible view over the golden fields of the Thessalian plain up to the snowy peaks of the Olympus. You will have the feeling of swinging over the earth (hence the word “meteoro”, which in Greek means “suspended in the air”).


Delphi: during the ancient years it was considered to be the oracle of the sun-god Apollo and was recognized as such by the ancient Greeks and even other foreign ancient cultures.

It was thought to be the centre of the world. Based on the myth, Zeus sent out two eagles from the two opposite sides of the world and those eagles met each other exactly over Delphi.

Its unique post in the mountains and the numerous ancient ruins scattered around or exhibited in the museum, will definitely make your visit there worthwhile.


Boat Trips - Sporades Islands:

For those of you now, who want to experience some island-flair there is the possibility to depart by ferry from Volos or suitably rebuild fisher boats from various seaside villages (like the “Africana” from Platanias or the “Elisabeth” from Kala Nera), to the nearby islands Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. Skopelos is the famous island of the Hollywood movie "MamaMia" with Meryl Streep and Piece Brosman.

We recommend the fisher boat version as it is more graphic. “Africana” or “Elisabeth” will peacefully sail you around the island and approximately 2.5 hours later reach the island’s main town Chora. You are then free to discover the town’s cosmopolitan or more secluded corners and do some shopping for your loved ones back home.

A few hours later you will be picked up again from the harbor to be transferred to one of the most popular beaches of the island, Koukounaries, where you will enjoy your swim. In the afternoon you will be safely taken back to the mainland.

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