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Mount Pelion & Villages


The Pelion mountain range, the home of the Centaurs. The oddity of its geography, a peninsula in the form of a sickle surrounded by the Aegean sea and the Pagasitikos gulf, its astonishing vegetation, a composition of leave-shedding forests, olive trees, fruit-tree cultivations and coniferous, as well as its mild climate, contribute to Pelion’s uniquity. Over 40 mountain and sea villages, as well as a variety of beaches and small bays are inviting you to spend a relaxing time.

The Mount Pelion is worth visiting all around the year as it combines the beauties of the sea with those of the mountain. Nevertheless the main visiting period is during the summer as it is then that you can choose among various activities to enjoy the sea and the sun.

You will pretty soon find out that Pelion has more than one faces to show.



He or she however who has the possibility to arrange their vacation during late spring or early autumn will also have the opportunity to get to know a totally different side of Pelion. Frog- and Nightingale-concerts, long walks along the sea, more or less difficult escapes on the mountains by following marked paths and passages, tranquility and beautiful natural surroundings. Most of the times you can also take a swim: the Greeks say that you can swim during all the months whose name doesn’t contain the letter “r”. We however believe it takes much more courage to make that dive during the no “r” May than during Septemberrrr! Last but not least, you mountain-bikers will definitely enjoy some memorable times.

On the east side – the Aegean sea side – endless sandy beaches are unfolded coupled with crystal blue waters or small hidden bays waiting to be discovered leave you with no doubt, that Pelion offers numerous ways to fill your day with nice memories. On the inner side – the Pagasitikos gulf side – the beaches are ideal for smaller children, as the waters are less steep and the sea calmer. And when its time to leave the hot beach you can retrieve in one of the nice little taverns next to the sea while enjoying your coffee and/or ouzo with a small snack.


Explore the Mount Pelion

Why not enjoy a nice dinner in the mountain? You will feel invited by the picturesque little villages with their main squares under the shade of hundreds of years old plane-trees, the gorgeous renovated mansions, their stone inlayed foot paths (kalderimia) and drinking fountains, their endlessly flowing spring waters.

Each of the mountain villages with their beautiful mansions, cobbled paths and running waters, has its own flair. Definitely worth visiting during your stay here are the following:



Found on the southeast side of the mountain and at an altitude of aprx. 500m it offers a breathtaking view over the Aegen Sea. It is a large village, comprised of 4 smaller house settlements, which are connected through a labyrinth of “kalderimia”, narrow trails and paths waiting to be explored. If you find yourself there, you definitely also ought to look for the 1000 year old plane tree, a natural wonder that awakes deep emotions and thoughts.


Is mainly known for being the terminal station of the narrow gauge (60 cm) Pelion Railway, built between 1895 and 1903 by the Italian engineer, Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous artist Giorgio de Chirico. This proved to be of considerable economic advantage to the region. Nowadays the railway runs between Ano  Lechonia and Milies on weekends. Also definitely worth visiting is the church of „Pamegiston Taxiarhon“with its very extraordinary wall-paintings, as well as the village’s library and museum. During the summer, many festivals take place, such as „Milies Night“ in the middle of Augustannd the „Pear Night“ at the end of  August.

Every village has its own charm and will seduce you into a world where the past and the present, the traditional and the modern are integrated into one another. Moreover it is much cooler and calmer up there during the summer.


A beautiful village far from the tourist rush, considered to be one of the best preserved of the 24 Pilion mountain villages, with recently restored, beautiful mansions, and a shady big stone-paved central square with a neoclassical marble fountain, build in 1894, which until today offers water from the spring “Dokana” to its visitors.

Agios Lavrentios:

Also a safe haven from noise – the road stops at the entrance of the village – with the exception of the period from mid to end August, during which a very alternative and lively music festival takes place there (info under Music Village). Definitely follow the signs that lead you to the square Hatzini, and you will feel like walking into a fairytale.

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